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We are very proud to announce that we are making our first steps towards a greener approach to fashion. Our first aim is to reduce our footprint in the fashion industry.

We want to take you through the steps we have taken so far. We aim to grow into this in the future and want to be transparent in what we do.

Eco Friendly pieces
We are aware of the impact that the fashion industry has on our environment. That is why we strive for environmentally friendly alternatives.

For us, Eco Friendly pieces are products that are contributing to a greener future of fashion. They are for example made from more sustainable materials or products produces in a more sustainable way. You can recognize our Eco Friendly pieces by the hangtag ‘I’m an eco friendly piece’ and our Eco Friendly logo.

We want to reduce our footprint and we are starting this season Spring/Summer’22 by introducing small groups made of more durable and recycled fabrics. A part of our collection is produced with EcoVero Viscose that uses fibers derived from renewable wood sources and are using an eco-responsible production process by meeting high environmental standards. We also make use of (partly) recycled polyester in our outerwear, vegan leather, faux suede, printed chiffon and stretch mesh. Recycled polyester is made from recycled (PET) plastic bottles and packaging. These materials are upcycled into new garments. The padding of our outerwear is 100% down free and last but not least: ‘no animals occur in our happy fur’, in other words our faux fur is also 100% animal free.

Since 2020 Rino&Pelle has been officially affiliated by PETA-Approved Vegan, an international organization dedicated to animal welfare. This means that our vegan leather products do not contain any ingredients of animal origin and that no animals have been used in the entire production chain. Our Vegan leather is 100% animal free.

Amfori BSCI
To control our production suppliers we are affiliated with AMFORI BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). This non-profit organization has developed a code of conduct that enables us, as a company, to work together with the manufacturer on the improvement of working conditions in the production chain. We aim for all our factories to be members of AMFOR BSCI within two years.

Zero waste
For us as Rino&Pelle it is important that our garments end up in a good place. We don’t want to over produce and that is the reason that our products are ‘made to order’, this means that we only produce by orders. We try to sell as much as possible through our retailers and Webshop. If we still have remaining pieces at the end of the season, we sell them in our sample sale or they are resold to buyers. In this way, our garments are never thrown-away. We are doing our best to waste as little as possible. Therefore we also have an in-house atelier at our headquarters; if garments need to be repaired they can be fixed right away.

At Rino&Pelle we attempt to create timeless designs with good quality that can be worn several years and are not thrown away after one season. We create styles that can easily be combined to grow a functional wardrobe.

We are still far from where we want to be on sustainability and conscious choices, but as a small international organization we are trying to contribute for a better future step by step. We know we can do better and therefore we are still learning and improving. We are constantly looking for new ideas and possibilities to reduce the negative impact on our planet. Season by season we want to grow into a more sustainable brand.

‘Let’s dress the world more beautifully’