Kim Feenstra
x Rino&Pelle

<i>Kim Feenstra</i> </br> x Rino&Pelle

Since 2022, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with Kim Feenstra, an exceptional talent and role model. Her authenticity and passion for fashion align perfectly with the values of Rino&Pelle. With Kim as our ambassador, the brand has had a positive impact on both our audience and the fashion world. Together with Kim Feenstra, we are reaching new heights and making our mark.

Social Media collab

Thanks to Kim's close bond with her followers and her genuine way of creating content, it was a natural step to expand our collaboration to social media. She is a true inspiration with her class and attitude. In her own unique way, Kim shares her favourite clothing pieces with her followers and creates content that exudes class and timelessness.

A Muse brought to Life

Kim Feenstra has always been a muse for us. We couldn't wait to capture Kim in front of our own camera. Together with the Rino&Pelle styling team, we traveled to Antwerp for a fashion shoot, accompanied by photographer Otto van Toorn and makeup artist Sjardé Kirioma. The urban setting of Antwerp, with its historical, industrial, and creative vibe, was the perfect location for this shoot. The city known for its captivating blend of culture and its distinctive architecture, picturesque streets, and bustling art scene provided a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere and vibrant backdrop for our shoot. With each click of the camera, we sought to bring together the elegance of Kim Feenstra and the beauty of Antwerp, resulting in astonishing imagery.

Discover Kim's Favourites

Introducing "Kim's Favourites" - a carefully curated selection of exceptional designed pieces inspired by women like Kim Feenstra. Discover beautifully designed coats, high-quality jackets, fashionable outerwear, and ready-to-wear items, all developed with an eye for detail. Whether you are looking for a luxurious fit, a comfortable silhouette, or a fashion statement, Kim’s favourites offer an effortless chic lifestyle.

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